Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sneak Peek! trnd Fall/Winter 2016/2017 Forecasts

A complete analysis of the seasonal ready-to-wear collections. These reports are researched and created for the contemporary and fast-fashion market levels. Apparent trends at the ready-to-wear shows maintain and introduce new concepts for future seasons and succeeding markets.

   Full Analysis:

Swatched Seasonal Color Palette, Seasonal Macro Influences, Key Items, Print/Pattern, Details/Styling, Textures/Fabrics, Accessories - Bags, Belts, Headwear, Jewelry, Scarves, Sunglasses - and Footwear.

Our reports are thoughtfully created by a team of talented Trend Analysts and Designers with 25+ years combined experience working in the fashion industry. 

We’ve worked on trend direction and design for various companies throughout our careers to include Amuse Society, Billabong, JCPenney, Kohl's, Pac Sun, Rip Curl, Roxy, Stance, Target, Tilly's, and Tori Praver. 

Our extensive knowledge and background in various areas of fashion gives us an edge in forming our predictions for trnd’s seasonal forecasts.

Because we’ve been immersed in fashion for so long and have worked with various companies on their independent needs, we know what brands are looking for in a trend service; clear direction that’s inspirational and relatable. 

We create reports for specific market levels focusing our research on trends that feel interpretable for that consumer. Once we’ve formulated a solid outline of key seasonal trends, we build layouts using influential and inspiring imagery. 


Want to schedule a viewing of the books? We’ll come to you!
Please email us if you’re interested and we’ll arrange a meeting to show you the reports. We can either visit you in person or coordinate an online presentation.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Desert Daze 2015: Inspiration and Street Style

The musical artists weren't the only trendsetters at Desert Daze. Below you'll find some of our favorite art inspiration, vendors, and street style from the festival.

Artwork by Celeste Byers

Electric Love Company

Shoppe 815

Luckie Penny

Rusty Little City

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Desert Daze 2015: White Lung, Chelsea Wolfe, Deap Vally & Warpaint

While the entire day was jam packed, and we weren't able to have one-on-time with every artist, we still felt inspired by every performance. 

Below are some highlights from from bands where the front women not only rock as musicians, but also serve as tastemakers for the fashion industry.

White Lung

Label: Domino
Musical Style: Punk Rock, Indie Rock
Band Members: Mish Way, Anne-Marie Vassiliou, Lindsey Troy, Kenneth William

Chelsea Wolfe

Label: Sargent House Records
Musical Style: Art/Folk
Band Members: Chelsea Wolfe, Ben Chisholm, Dylan Fujioka, Andrea Calderon

Deap Vally

Label: Island Records
Musical Style: Rock & Roll
Band Members: Lindsey Troy, Julie Edwards


Label: Rough Trade
Musical Style: Smooth, Smoky Indie Rock
Band Members: Emily Kokal, Theresa Wayman, Jenny Lee Lindberg, Stella Mozgawa

A special thank you to Moon Block Party and Motor Mouth Media for putting on such an excellent festival and letting us be a part of it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Desert Daze 2015: Interview with Feels

Label: Lolipop Records / Burger Records
Musical Style: Psych Punk Grunge Post Future Rock & Roll

Band Members: Laena Geronimo, Shannon Lay, Amy Allen, Michael Rudes

What brands are you wearing today for apparel, accessories and footwear? 

Laena: Crap Eyewear, Generic Surplus shoes, American Apparel shorts, vintage everything else
Amy: I borrowed my hat from my dad. It's important to know when function should take priority over fashion. Nobody wants a sunburnt peely nose. When I got dressed for the desert that morning, I knew I wanted to wear as little clothing as possible, but I also wanted to be comfortable. I threw on a see through tank dress over a bikini halter with gold velvet shorts and felt like a winner all day.
Mike: I bought my bandana from a homeless man in Echo Park.  

Do you have any go to brands, or any particular store you’re loyal to when choosing what you wear while performing?

Leana: Not really. Levis jeans I guess? I wear mostly simple things that I'm comfortable playing, loading equipment, sitting in the grass and walking for miles in. I'm happy to keep the focus on the music.
Shannon: Squaresville Vintage in Los Feliz!

Do you associate yourself with a particular style?

Leana: Not any in particular, I like to combine and be moody with it.

Do you have any style icons? Where does your style inspiration come from?

Leana: Patti Smith had great style. I like androgynous stuff mostly. At the end of the day I'm pretty sure my style just comes from my awesome art punk weirdo parents.  

Monday, July 20, 2015

Desert Daze 2015: Interview with L.A. Witch

Los Angeles based psych-punk band, LA Witch, met up with us mid-day by the VIP pool.

Although we were surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere (where artists were sipping cocktails and lounging by the pool between sets) we could tell these were three artists with serious talent.

Irita (bass), Sade (vocals and guitar), and Ellie (drums) were kind and laid back in person, but commanding on stage.
See below to find out what they shared with us about their fashion influences.

L.A. Witch

Musical Style: Reverb Soaked Punked Out Rock - mix of Folk Rock, Surf, Garage, Psych, and California Influences

Brands Worn Day of Show: Vans, Del Blanc, Vintage finds, Manna Fire
Go To Brands for Performances: American Apparel
Style Associations: Oversized Men's Silhouettes, Fishnets, Leather
Style Icons: Poison Ivy, John Densmore, Nick Cave

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Desert Daze 2015: Interview with Kim & The Created

Kim & The Created may have been scheduled for a mid-day performance, but front woman Kim House was one of our highlights from the entire festival.

In a perfect combination of girly and grunge, she captivated the audience with piercing vocals and fearless energy.

Not a moment passed where Kim was not climbing on or jumping off of something on stage.

Post performance, we caught up with Kim in the artist's lounge, where things were a bit less chaotic. She filled us in on her musical and fashion inspirations.

Kim House of Kim & The Created

Label: Lolipop Records

Musical Style: Rock & Roll, Semi-Punk Rock

Brands Worn Day of Show: American Apparel

Go To Brands for Performances: Amazon, Costume Stores, 

Anything "loud and obnoxious"

Style Associations: High Waisted Pants and Catsuits

Style Icons: 70's rock, Cher, Anything theatrical, Above all - 

One's own creativity

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Desert Daze 2015: Interview with Pearl Charles

Our team of analysts ventured out to Sunset Ranch Oasis in Mecca, CA to attend Moon Block Party's 4th Annual Desert Daze music festival. What we found was a glorious mix of dust, heat, pure musical talent, and inspiring fashion influences. 

Stay tuned over the next few days as we post artist interviews and exclusive imagery we captured from the festival!

Pearl Charles

Label: Burger Records
Musical Style: Folk Rock, Surf, Garage, CA, Psych

Brands Worn Day of Show: Levi's, Crap Eyewear, Converse, and Vintage finds
Go To Brands for Performances: NastyGal, Midnight Rider, Crap Eyewear
Style Associations: 60's, Psych, Crochet, also pulls from 70's (bell bottoms)
Style Icons: Janis Joplin, Jane Birkin, Twiggy